Get To Know Me Questions & Answers



Hello fellow bloggers! Since I've just started this blog (even though I've had a few "trial" ones in the past) I thought I'd post some quick 'Get To Know Me' questions. I used to always love filling these things out back in the day when MSN Messenger and Hotmail emails ruled the world... (anyone remember that? When you'd get these questionnaires to fill out and people would fancy up the emails with coloured backgrounds and fonts and old-school style emoticons and send them to all their friends?) Here we go :)

Last modified: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I was born in the month of: April Age: 27
Background: Italian
Wear Glasses?: At home more, yes but most of the time I wear contacts {glasses get uncomfortable for me after awhile}.
Favourite colours: Pink, turquoise & an azure sort of blue? lol I love pastel colours!
Favourite alcoholic drink: Sparkling white wine
Favourite meals: Salads, chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, tacos, smoked pulled pork, hamburgers, pasta, etc... {this list could go on!}
Favourite band: The Beatles
Favourite movies: Legally Blonde, The Parent Trap, P.S. I Love You, Toy Story, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The F Word, Freaky Friday, A Hard Day's Night, Fever Pitch, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, You've Got Mail, Twilight movies, Cool Runnings, Wayne's World, Hook, etc.
Favourite shows: The O.C., Friends, I Love Lucy, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Full House, Two Broke Girls, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, Live with Kelly & Michael, Conan, (all the late-nights and some daytime shows!), MLB, etc.
Favourite books: Just to name a few!:
- The third and sixth Harry Potter books are my favourite in the series
- John (by Cynthia Lennon) - Twilight Series
- The Unicorn Chronicles series (by Bruce Coville)
- Confessions of a Shopaholic (by Sophie Kinsella)
- There's More to Life Than This (by Theresa Caputo)
- You Can't Make This Stuff Up (by Theresa Caputo)
- Something Borrowed (by Emily Giffin)
- Rokitansky (by Alice Darwin)
Favourite snack: Chips {I prefer salty to sugar!}
Favourite holiday: Christmastime & St. Patrick's Day!
Favourite season: I really don't have one! But lately I've been leaning more towards Fall? {Canadian winters can be beautiful but are much too long. After New Year's, I'm ready for spring!}
Favourite article(s) of clothing: I'd say pajamas - I could live in my pajamas if I was allowed! But if not, then I'd say either long skirts (during the summertime) & either comfy jeans, tights, & I have a tunic obsession. I prefer long, wavy shirts & sweaters. (Aka: as cozy as possible ;) )
Favourite stores: Forever 21, H&M, Ardene, Bath & Body Works, Home Outfitters, Pottery Barn, Crabtree & Evelyn, etc.
Morning person?: I wish {no, lol}.
Do you collect anything?: I keep ticket stubs of any kind and used to collect the fortunes from fortune cookies. I'm very nostalgic so I kinda collect a lot of agendas, journals and planners from my past.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?: Flying because then I wouldn't have to take a plane; I hate flying!
Big house or small house?: I'd love a bungalow someday! {so, on the smaller side/in-between}
Are you a clean or messy person?: Clean. I might be mild OCD?
City or Tropical?: I definitely like a mix of both. I don't like to be constantly on-the-go, but I don't like to just sit around all day, too. It's all about balance!
Besides your cell phone & wallet, you cannot leave the house without: A bottle of water & some lip gloss.
Scary movies or happy endings?: I'm a sucker for the classic happy endings.
Where have you travelled so far?: Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Florida, New York, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Cuba
What are your fears?: Flying, needles {blood tests!} & home invasion {for some reason, I've always had that fear since I was a child!}