Cell Phones Through The Years

I'm quite the nostalgic gal (probably a bit too much!) and this morning I was just looking at my phone - like most of us do from time to time - and was just thinking about how much cell phones have changed! When they first started coming out they were extremely small...and now they just seem to be getting bigger! I never knew a whole lot about phones. Especially now as there are so many different kinds out there! I'm pretty clueless when I go into a store and look at the phones, save for the basics like the iPhone and a Blackberry perhaps. Here is a very basic timeline on the cell phones I once owned:



My first ever cell phone was one of these small Samsung flip phones in a red colour. And you know what? I loved this phone! It was small, I loved the flip cover as a protection and the red colour was pretty "funky" too! It had a little camera on it and I remember I was able to upload Twitpics to Twitter no problem without all this data-usage nonsense like today. I first got this phone when I was 19 years old, and it lasted me a couple of years until the battery and keyboard were finally worn out (even without the full alphabet, I became pretty quick at texting with just the numbers key!)



Next I got one of these LG slide phones. It wasn't as small as my flip phone, but this time I loved having the full keyboard (even though it took me some time to get used to; I was convinced my fingers were too fat to type!) I got one of these things in the summer of 2011 and it actually lasted me up until last summer! I also had the kind where you could switch colours for the case. So I had purple, green and blue every so often.



Last August, rather than go for a touchscreen phone like everybody else had, I was determined to stay with a keyboard that had actual buttons. I always wanted a white Blackberry (I thought they were very nice!) but the store my mother had taken me to had none. So I had to settle for a black one. At first, I loved the Blackberry and thought, "Why do I need a bigger, touchscreen phone when I'm so used to the buttons?" With the Blackberry, I was then introduced to Data and WiFi. Hard to believe before this, I was completely clueless on the difference. With my first flip phone and slide phone, I was able to send and receive pictures through text messages like no tomorrow, and it didn't cost me a cent extra. All of a sudden, I wasn't receiving my pictures or able to send them because I had to turn on my data. Whatever that meant! Needless to say, this was an adjustment that did not come pleasant (even still to this day!) Overall though, I was content with my Blackberry...



...So why just a few short months later did I toss the Blackberry for a beautiful white HTC Desire 601 Android?

Well for one thing, I had finally landed a full-time job (something that was an incredible struggle for me after university) and so all the things I held back from for lack of money reasons, I kinda went nuts afterwards. But the biggest thing (shamelessly?) - Instagram! I had finally discovered Instagram! (I tend to be a bit of a late bloomer). I'd look through my friends' Instagrams and saw they had beautiful photos with fancy filters of just a plain tree, or a bowl of soup. I loved the simplicity that Instagram brought. So with some extra cash finally in my account and the help of my high-tech knowledgeable friend Ross, we went out that day and he helped me pick out this lovely phone. I even went and ordered a nice light pink flip case from Ebay for only $7.00 with free shipping:



I still had to pay off my Blackberry of course but it wasn't by much and I was excited to finally be caught up with technology (and get an Instagram account!) I loved this new phone and all the features it came with. After work, the last thing I wanna do is go on the computer since I'm on it all day at work. With this phone, I love that I can just come home and use the WiFi in the house to check my email and notifications.

But you know what? I still often miss the simplicity of the old flip phone! I just overall loved the protective flip cover and the fact that it was nice and small and could easily fit into my purse. It felt like you didn't have to be as fragile with them either!



When I was in university, I loved these phones! An old LG Lotus and Samsung flip phones. They were flips! - but had the full keyboard as well (so, kinda like a mini Blackberry with a protective flip cover?). I always loved this gold one!

Which phones have you had over the years? Which ones were your favourite and which ones weren't? Do you miss anything about the older phones (like me!) or are completely happy with the new ones?