Friday Bliss

Happy Friday everybody! :) I hope you're all having a lovely Friday afternoon, the weather is beautiful out there (for once!) so live it up! It'll be nice once 4:00 pm hits for me.

I had a whole bunch of different ideas for a post I wanted to share, but now I'm drawing a blank! If I remember and get the chance, I'll be coming on back. For now, here's some rando pictures from my phone:


I snapped this simply because I was feeling so cozy in my room. In the mornings before I start work, I like to just take a few minutes to sip my coffee and tune into Breakfast Television.

Then there's this orange guy...

IMAG0090[1]  IMAG0091[1]


One of our three cats. Meet Cartney!


 Somebody's curious!

Enjoy your weekend everybody! :D