Happy Birthday, Prince George!

I'm a fan of the royals. Well mostly, I'm a fan of Kate Middleton. I was always intrigued by her grace, her class and the fact that she just somehow always looks good! She's a natural beauty inside and out that it's no wonder Prince William fell in love with her in their college days. And he seems like a nice guy, too lol. Of course she would have such a seemingly perfect baby as well.

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This is by far one of my favourite pictures from the October 2013 Christening.

I remember last year when I finally heard Kate gave birth to her baby boy. I was at the mall with my friend (whose name is ironically enough Kate as well), and my boyfriend Brian had sent me a text saying, "By the way, Kate gave birth to a boy! Everyone here at the office is talking about it." And then before work a few days later, I watched live on TV when Kate and William came out of the hospital showing their new bundle of joy to the world (when they were still deciding on a name!)

Happy 1st Birthday, Prince George!

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