Almost Friday - Happy Thursday (+ New 50 Shades Trailer)



It's Thursday! Which means it's almost Friday! Thursdays were always the "good" days as it got you ready to start your weekend on Friday. All the good shows would be on TV Thursday nights to wind you down and help you to relax for your upcoming weekend. For me, Thursday nights were my O.C. nights (aka, nobody disturb me until it's over!) At work, Thursdays are payday every two weeks. In school if we had Fridays off, Thursdays would be that day where you knew a long weekend was coming up and you could just feel the excitement buzzing around. I even liked having Thursdays off in university (as opposed to Fridays; Friday evenings I was always stuck working at my part-time job but if I worked a Thursday evening instead, it meant I usually got Friday evenings off).

the_oc_s2 Source

And now there's #tbt - Throwback Thursdays. Instead of Flashback Fridays (as I remember), social medias such as  Instagram particularly, now celebrate Throwback Thursdays. Find an old photo from back in your day, post it with the hashtag: #tbt and reminisce. For someone so nostalgic, I love this! I think because for some bizarre reason in this (you-would-think) typical Canadian weather, this morning felt more like fall then a mid-summer's day in July. So it reminded me of being a student in university and heading off downtown in the crisp autumn air:

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I guess in short: I'm a fan of Thursdays. No, they're not quite Friday - but they are super close to it! And they get you all excited and something to look forward to. You can already start planning your weekend by that point so that when Friday does come around, you just enjoy it.

Happy Thursday, everyone! The weekend is almost here :)

 **Editor's Note: I'm sure by now, the die-hard fans have seen the trailer for the steamy-hot upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film that was just released a few hours ago. Will I see this? Well, I read the books so yes I admit, I would like to eventually ;) But not in theatres! *shivers* Admittedly, I'd be way too embarrassed with a theatre packed full of people.



Here's a YouTube link.