Rainy Monday

It's a rainy Monday morning in the city! It turns out, the weather-people were sort of wrong about the rain non-stop all weekend. Saturday looked like at times it was going to rain but it never did. Then they were calling for rain in the evening and it never happened. Last night, we didn't start getting showers till later on in the evening. As soon as I got home from my part-time job, the rain started pouring. I was sitting in my living room just listening to it outside and it was ever so peaceful! Even the bit of thunder in the background was soothing. What is it about a rainstorm that is relaxing to listen to? (but not to be stuck in!) I had a relatively low-key weekend of just seeing some family on Friday evening, the boyfriend and some friends on the Saturday and yesterday was working a shift at my part-time job. On Friday night before heading over to our cousin's place, I finished the book The Fault In Our Stars.

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My thoughts? Well I already knew what was gonna happen because of some spoilers I heard! It was definitely in a way, a touching love story, but of course sad. Even when I started reading it, I felt a bit "depressed" just because it is a sad story. I like more happy stuff! It was a bit overrated in my opinion, but I can see why it was a popular read among the teen-scene. I think it's great that awareness is brought to situations like this and it's definitely different than something like the Twilight series. I watched the trailer right after I finished it and I thought it looked interesting and well done. At some point I'm sure I'll see the movie (I still need to see Shopaholic and Something Borrowed!)

After this book, I was excited to go back and read Something Blue by Emily Giffin.

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It's the sequel to Something Borrowed and the next book is called Baby Proof. I'm so glad a coworker recommended me reading these books because I was in desperate need for something new to read! I also wanna read the rest of of the Shopaholic books and eventually Carole Matthews as well.

Anybody else have any other recommendations?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! And stay caffeinated for this dreary Monday!

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