Cold - But Cozy! - Tuesday Evening

Was the weather in Ontario getting to anyone else lately? I mean, it's July and it was cold yesterday! The skies were cloudy and grey, wind was blowing and it even started raining a bit on my way home from work. Just miserable! Thankfully today is shaping up to be a little bit better so far and it's only supposed to improve as the Civic long weekend approaches us. As soon as I got in last night, all I wanted to do was change into some comfy clothes and huddle by the TV with a scented candle lit. After some dinner and DVDs of Jersey Shore (I know...) I went and made myself a cup of coffee and the boyfriend just came over for a few hours as we watched the Jays game. He's working the rest of the week and weekend so we thought we'd take advantage of his night off and just relax.


This is a picture of my living room from Thanksgiving a couple of years ago (note Charlie Brown on TV!) but we were just hanging out in here last night with a vanilla scented candle and the baseball game on TV. It was an extremely cozy evening to say the least. And the Jays won 4-2 against the Red Sox.


Yay! :)

During the game, we were checking out some video clips on YouTube of Munenori Kawasai, the lovable and popular Japanese Jays player. We were laughing pretty hard at this newer interview of him we've never seen before:


It's Wednesday, which means mid-week! We're that much closer to Friday - we can do it! ;)