Last Day Of July (Already?!)

Is it the last day of July already?? Summer is already half way over! :( Not that we've had much of a Summer anywho with the inconsistent weather but still; Summer is still Summer at the end of the day, right?) Growing up, July 31st always meant two things to me:

1) That it's the last day of July and tomorrow would be August (AH!) and 2) July 31st was Harry Potter's and J.K. Rowling's birthday. I was more so a big Harry Potter fan back when I was a teenager. To this day, I still love the books and think they were very well written. Over ten years ago, my mom was babysitting some kids at our house one summer and it was July 31st. We were all big Harry Potter fans and decided to "throw him" a birthday party. We baked a cake and had all our books and merchandise out, played the soundtrack and dressed up in costume robes and glasses. For reals! We took a picture of it, too. I wish I had uploaded it before coming to work today. But that's what we kids did!

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter and your creator, J.K. Rowling!


Here are some photos I snapped last night (just for the fun of it). I was watching a bit of the Jays game in my room:


My favourite Spring and Summer scented candles from Bath and Body Works.

From left: Spring, Poolside, Lilac Blossom, Ocean Escape, Honeysuckle, Green Grass and I can'ttt remember what that small violet last one is on the far right! But it's a Spring scented one and smells very similar to Lilac Blossom. These are all the older scents from a year-2 years ago so you probably wouldn't be able to find the exact same ones if you were to go into a Bath and Body Works now. You would more than likely find a very similar scent with just a different name and label (For instance, Ocean Escape could be found as Seaside Escape now).

The ones that I currently have out correspond to whatever season and holiday is upon us. A few sit on my middle white table and another few sit up here on my book shelf. In just a couple of months, I'll already have to start bringing the Fall scents out (which are probably my favourite!)

It was finally turning out to be a nice night so after he begged so much, I took Cartney outside to enjoy the weather:


Lenny joined him too. He loves the outdoors just as much.


Lovely evening! Of course I tuned into the Jays game from time to time and was happy to see they made a clean sweep against Boston.


Some beautiful purple flowers growing at the side of our house.


Years ago, this used to be a raspberry bush. Now it's just a bush. Lol, but it has lovely little white flowers.


Cartney likes them, too!


I love this line of shrubs along the fence:


We're an Italian family so of course, my dad has a little vegetable garden:


I can't wait for these tomatoes to become ripe! Nothing tastes better in a Summer salad then fresh tomatoes straight from the garden.


After some sniffing, chewing - and then getting sick! - from the grass, it was time to bring Cartney in for the night. He never likes to come inside!


Can you blame him? Nature can be so pretty!


Tomorrow is Friday at least! :) And the Civic Long Weekend to look forward to. Happy Thursday!