RIP Robin Williams ♥

Like so many, I am deeply saddened about the sudden death of actor, comedian Robin Williams. I grew up on Robin Williams' films. Some of my favourites include Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jumanji, Flubber, Ferngully and of course the Genie in Aladdin. I even remember catching Mork and Mindy on TV the odd time and was captivated by his energy, his voice-overs and of course, his ability to make me laugh.

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Mrs. Doubtfire was my top favourite of his. Every summer when I was a kid at the cottage, we watched it. My aunt was obsessed with it and she adored him in that movie, as did I. I even have it all memorized, lol and I've always loved the music score of that movie by the talented Howard Shore (who also did Lord of the Rings). In fact, I was just listening to the beautiful soundtrack this morning before work and thinking of him as we watched all his memorials over Breakfast Television and CNN. The tweets continue to pour in as well, with celebrities paying their deepest respects including the two "sisters" from Mrs. Doubtfire Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub. Lisa Jakub (who played the older sister Lydia) wrote a beautiful tribute about Robin on her site last night, also mentioning how approximately 16 million people in the US alone suffer from depression, and how there is always help available. She also just recently tweeted the letter Robin Williams wrote to her-then high school principle -- when she began work on Mrs. Doubtfire, Lisa was kicked out of her high school because the teachers basically didn't wanna "deal" with her and the exceptional study needs of a child actor. Out of kind human kindness, Robin wrote a letter to Lisa's school principle insisting she brought back in:


It didn't work. But it really didn't matter.

Even though the idea of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel made me kind of cringe, it's sad to know we will never see that cross-dressing nanny appear on the big screen again.

Robin Williams still has three movies due out (all in post-production) according to this articleMerry Friggin' Christmas, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Absolutely Anything. He will appear on the big screen a little while longer.

RIP Robin Williams <3 1951 - 2014

Hope you're at true peace now. Thank you for making us laugh.

The beautiful (and now even more sad) tune from Mrs. Doubtfire:

"All my love to you, Poppet. You're going to be alright. Bye, bye."