Staying Positive Over Robin

I'm still overcome with shock and sadness over the death of Robin Williams. As I read in someone's Facebook status, it feels like a funny uncle was lost. Last night after work, I was feeling a bit down about the whole thing. I watched all the memorials and speculations over his death on the news, on Etalk and Access Hollywood. I watched clips of him from Mrs. Doubtfire on YouTube and got the "You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me" tune stuck in my head from Aladdin. I then paid my tribute by watching one of his classics, Hook and lit a white candle:


It was sad to watch him in this movie during a time when his career was completely soaring. He looked healthy and seemed genuinely happy. His death breaks my heart because he was suffering so much internally. But I try to think of everything he had accomplished and how much joy and laughter he brought to the world. I recently read somewhere that that was always his primary goal.


At the attempt of adding some positivity, I thought I'd add this "Negative Swap To Positive" chart I found from one of my favourite blogs Small Home Big Start:


I thought it was pretty smart :)

I leave you with this clip of Robin Williams on the Ellen DeGeneres Show just last year playing the funny game "Heads Up!" It's sad watching it now but it also made me laugh and remember the joy he brought us all: