Grey Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to do a Throwback Thursday post but at the moment, my mind is both a blank and completely unmotivated. If truth be told, I'm just waiting for lunch time and then home time this afternoon. Work has been quiet this morning, but I think I'll probably have some stuff to do this afternoon. Plus, who has motivation when the weather looks like this outside:



What would be great right now if I could just curl up at home in my pjs with a warm drink, watch Dead Poet's Society and light a scented candle. One thing I'm looking forward to is I keep getting emails from Yankee Candle and as much as I want the summer candles (I swear, one year I'm gonna buy them all) I'm most looking forward to their fall and holiday scented candles; my favourite!

summer Here are some of their popular Summer scents. They look so nice and fresh!

But really, I'm looking forward to more to these!:


Yum :)