Wasaga Beach Plans

Happy Friday everyone! Even though I took a day off this week to "recover" from my Chicago trip, this has still felt like a very long week for me. Maybe it's just because I've been so anxious for it to end and have the weekend so I can do more "recovery."

Since I'd been so on-the-go during the evenings this week, last night I took full opportunity to relax and finally got around to watching Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. I had never seen it before, and even though I was told it was a more "serious" movie, I hadn't realized how dark it was! (I won't give anything away). But I thoroughly enjoyed it! Just some of the quotes Robin said were very ironic, such as the famous "Carpe Diem" ("Seize the day"). Finally the quote, "O Captain! My Captain!" makes sense to me now.


I'm thinking of ordering the first season of Mork and Mindy from Amazon now.

This weekend, a few of us were planning on going up to Wasaga Beach tonight until sometime on Monday afternoon. Our friend Michelle was supposed to come along but couldn't get the Sunday off from her work :( Still, if we go up I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of sleeping in, lazing around for a bit and perhaps doing some shopping on Wasaga's main pier.

I've posted these before but whenever we go up to Wasaga, this is where we stay (our family-friends own all this!):






This is where I enjoy doing some of the shopping:


Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)