Wasaga Beach & Softball Endings

Happy Tuesday everyone! We just got back from our Wasaga Beach cottage weekend yesterday afternoon. It was such a nice weekend to escape the city and swap the sound of cars and traffic for waves and seagulls.


We stayed at the cottage on the far left. The middle one is the "main" one that our family-friends, Bob and Mary-Jane own. It was so nice of them to let us use their cottage for three nights! They also own one last cottage on the far right. It's hard to see in this picture, but it's basically a beautiful refurnished cabin. That one is usually reserved for his children and grand-kids.

The inside is beautifully furnished and spacious. I just went up for the weekend with my sister and our friend, Julius. I was the first one to wake up on Saturday morning (and that's saying something!) and I was just enjoying the pure bliss of the peace.



Making my morning espresso:


Julius brought along his own brown sugar, lol:


I stayed in the room beside the couch on the right:


Down to the basement where there were even more bedrooms!:


We were only there for three nights. The first night we arrived late and the second night we ate an earlier dinner outside. Only on the last night did we share a late meal of hamburgers and salad at this table:


Whenever I've come up here, I get the majority of my reading done in this chair. When I woke up that morning, I sat there peacefully with my coffee and listened to the soft hum of the fan in the cottage.


Like so, lol:


That morning started out a bit grey and overcast:



But the sun soon found its way out to stay!:



We spent our afternoon buying some groceries and went into Walmart. I ended up purchasing a mini coffee-maker for my bedroom which I love! After some dinner and taking a walk along the beach passing a football around, we just sat and watched the beautiful sunset:



And then we built a small bonfire on the beach at night while having some drinks and sitting under the stars:




We also went for a late night swim in the hot-tub afterwards! Bob has it positioned so it overlooks the lake and it feels like an infinity pool. There's also jets and lights underneath that create funky colours in the dark.

The next morning was nice and sunny! So I sat outside this time:



We went down to the main beach that day. I was looking forward to doing a ton of shopping! But sadly, when the major fire happened back in November 2007, it destroyed a lot of the stores and main strip. Not to mention, a lot of their stores had closed like Bluenotes :( I made due though and ended buying myself some quick, cheap flip-flops and a cute dress for only $10.

Luckily, the beach was still in good shape at least! (*knock on wood!*):



The evening got cool -- luckily we had our beach towels to warm us up.



We ran into a bit of car trouble later on in the trip, unfortunately. The coolant hose in Julius' car broke! It meant he had to bring it to a repair shop and it still wasn't ready the next day when we had to leave. We were stranded! Luckily, Bob was able to give us a lift to Barrie and from there, one of Julius' brothers picked us up and brought us safely home. Bless 'em! It was such a nice trip that it's a shame it had to end on such a damper. At least it all worked out in the end! (sorta). Julius has the day off tomorrow so he's planning on coming down to Wasaga early on to pick up his car and spend some more time on the beach. Why not, right?

It's worth it for a beautiful sunset-view like this one:


I was especially grateful I made it to my last softball game of the season last night! I would have been so sad if I didn't get to properly say goodbye to my teammates:





We ended the series on a great note -- we won! Even though we only placed 5th overall, lol. We played with this same team last year. When we all started out, we were all shy and quiet and didn't know each other. By the end of last season, we all got along so well and had so much fun together that we agreed to sign up again for this following summer. I'm so glad we did! Next summer may be difficult as people are getting new jobs and moving *tear!* :( I'm happy I got a nice group picture of all of us:


Cheers to summer! :D