Happy Friday & Labour Day Long Weekend!

Happy Friday, everybody!! :) It's also the Labour Day Long Weekend aka a 3-day weekend! Always a good thing. And for students -- school begins for most of them on Tuesday, September 2nd. This may mean many exciting, new beginnings for them.... and / or complete stress and anxiety! I always had a bit of both my first day and week back. But I always looked forward to seeing my friends as well and just getting back into a nice, regular routine. I also look forward to fall! I think autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I love the clothing for one thing, the fact that it's not too hot and a bit cooler out and of course, you can't beat the sights and smells of the beautiful season.

But I won't get into too much fall talk right now. It's still summer after all!

I'd love to get out to the CNE this weekend, I just really hope I can find the time. I know some friends and even my parents wanna go to the Air Show on the holiday Monday, too.



I'd love to get some shopping done too if I can manage it, and I know I have a friend's birthday celebrations. Will I get time at all to be lazy / cozy Lor??

Any plans for you guys this weekend??

It's hard to believe that the summer holidays are over for most people going back to work and school. For me, it doesn't really feel like I had much of a summer because I worked mostly and the weather wasn't the greatest. But I still found time to get out and enjoy the sun when I could and do summer-y things like go to the beach and hang out by my boyfriend's pool. I just keep in mind that I know next year I'll have more of a summer with more holidays. I'm looking forward to it!


Happy Friday and weekend, guys! :)