A Lovely Evening Walk

Almost Friday, lovelies! Happy Thursday! :) I'll make this a shorter post. We had such beautiful weather yesterday and I was kind of bummed being stuck in the office all day (even though I don't mind coming to work). But later on at home, I went for a nice evening walk by myself. Brian was working later, as normally we do this route together. It really is such a nice walk!:



I only went for an hour, but it's starting to get darker quicker now in the evenings:


A nice little school near our area. I used to attend Girl Guides here back in the day! Nice memories.



Because I live on a busy street, I take any opportunity I can to walk a quiet neighbourhood and admire the peaceful streets. I've always loved that house on the left, with the grey stone and white porch. Perfect on a dead-end, crescent street!


Cartney this morning just as I was leaving for work. Always wanting to go outside!


Enjoy your Thursday, everyone! :-)