Two Weeks Notice

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday I put in my two weeks notice at my current full-time job. I'm starting a new job soon that I'm very excited for but it's still all very bittersweet for me! I've been working at my current job for just over a year now and I have really enjoyed my time here. The office is big and spacious, it's nice and quiet and the people have been nothing but nice to me. It was such a nice change coming from a busy and hectic grocery store job (where you're literally treated like a bug under a log). I'll still be updating my blog - as I've been having too much fun with it! The entries might be a little less frequent now with the start of a new job. Plus I've just been told I'll soon be training the new Receptionist starting tomorrow so it begins already! But I'm still gonna keep at this so keep checking back! :) (and thank you for always reading!!)


My lovely and spacious receptionist desk that I've enjoyed being at for the past year:



10593158_1455238378090086_1719188369606916539_n (I chose that background-theme on the computer myself ;) )

Once I officially leave and more time has passed, I know it'll probably all hit me more. This job has done so much for me, in such a positive way! It was my first ever full-time job; I had steady Monday-Friday, daytime hours, weekends off aka I felt like a "grown-up" for the first time! Lol, all of a sudden, I had a nice, steady income coming in. I could shop more! And splurge on things for the first time ever. Not only has the job been good to me in the working world sense, but I've met some great coworkers here who have done more things than just help me at work. For instance, one coworker helped reduce my fear of driving by letting me drive her old car during lunch times. From her, I'm certain I grew the most comfortable I'd ever been in a car before! And for this, I owe her so much. She also gave me a bunch of her old skirts and some nice tops when she was looking to get rid of them. I know she must have appreciated the fact that I gave her my old Blackberry (no charge!) when I got a new phone. Another coworker got me into books like Emily Giffin's novels and the Shopaholic books (such a nice change from Fifty Shades). And then another coworker used to bring me coffee in the mornings because he knew I didn't feel comfortable leaving my desk with the phones ringing off the hook all the time. I also had someone I could finally talk to about the Blue Jays.

The list could go on and on! And in one way or another, every single person here has taught me and given me something I will take with me into my new job. At this moment, even though I'm very sad to be leaving here in a few short weeks, I'm also incredibly thankful and grateful for what I was given. It was exactly what I needed!