Training, Mork & Mindy, and Comfy Blue Jays Sweater

Good morning everyone! Happy midweek / Wednesday!

Today is the day where I start training the new receptionist for my office job, and it'll probably continue right up until my final day here. So it'll probably mean I won't get to update my entries as much as I'd like at the current moment, but as I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I'm gonna keep blogging whenever I can! :)

Last night, my sister and I spent the whole evening getting lost in the first season of Mork and Mindy, and we loved it! We finished the whole first disc already and have about three more left. Looks like I'm gonna have to be ordering season two soon! Robin Williams, of course, steals the show and he's primarily the reason we enjoyed watching it so much. At one point we were both laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes!

Pam-Dawber-and-robin-williams-in-mork-and-mindy5Nanu, nanu!

The other evening, Brian invited me over for a fabulous homemade pizza he made and presented me with a beautiful Blue Jays zip-up hoodie from National Sports that looked like this:


I can't wait to wear this thing out to those chiller game nights next April and September! Now all's I need is a Jays tank top for those hot summer months.

If my camera-phone was working, I would have taken a more "homemade" photo of my sweater -- and the delicious pizza! I'm hoping to bring my phone in tonight and fingers crossed it can be sorted out very quick!

Wishing I had a nice reading spot right here:


Cheers! ;)