A Blustery Day!

Happy almost Friday, folks! :)

Turns out I have a bit of time this morning before the new girl comes in for more training because she had an appointment.

So I have some quick time to blog in the meantime! :D

What unbelievable cold weather this morning!! Last night walking home for work was bad enough; I got completely rained and soaked on! I was not prepared at all so I was in the worst mood. As soon as I made it home, I dropped everything and went to take a nice hot shower before some dinner and watched Mork and Mindy for the rest of the night.

Then this morning, the winds were insane!! I always feel like I'm in that Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day episode!:



Had I known, I might have brought along a much warmer jacket...I basically brought a light spring jacket I purchased from Bluenotes a few months ago and I really only figured it would be useful because it had a hood (which didn't stay on my head due to the high winds). It really made me realize that perhaps next time I head into Walmart or even Joe Fresh that I really gotta keep my eyes open for a proper raincoat. One that is water-proof, long and has a proper hood! None of this trench-coat stuff....I'm talking basic, practical ones:




You feel me? ;) Lol. Sheesh!

Since I may not get a proper chance to update tomorrow due to training, I wanna wish everyone a happy early weekend for tomorrow! I know I'm going out for some drinks tomorrow night for a friend's birthday and on Saturday, I'm headed to Medieval Times with some friends!


I've never been so it should be a lotta fun!

I'm hoping I can go tonight now (or at least sometime this weekend!) to check on my camera-phone. It's really driving me crazy that it's not working! Unless I just accidentally pressed some button that is causing it to act up and that it's easily fixable... I really have no idea!

Today I am also keeping in mind the victims and families of September 11th:


Brian and I went to visit the 9/11 Memorial in New York City at Ground Zero a couple of years ago. As sad and devastating as it was to be there and to see what once was, they also did a great job at aiming to create an atmosphere with peace, reflection and remembrance.


<3 ~~ Enjoy your upcoming weekend, everybody! :D And stay warm!!!