New Job Starts & Past Weekend Pictures

Hi everyone!! :D

I had mentioned that with starting my new job, I wasn't gonna be able to update as much unfortunately -- but I'm still going to continue it when I can at least!

Well, what I can say...I've been absolutely drained these past couple of days with having to leave my last job suddenly and starting my brand new one yesterday. I am overwhelmed! Last night when I came home from my first new day, I was EXHAUSTED and completely crashed for most of the night (I'm sure the cloudy-grey weather didn't help either).

When my last day of work was Tuesday, I cried so much when I said goodbye to my coworkers; I wasn't expecting that! It definitely did not make things easy when I left. Plus, one of my co-workers surprised me with a small gift and a cake and another one sent me a sweet Ecard on my work email that I had to save.



If I'm being honest, all my coworkers were incredibly gracious and sweet the whole time. My coworker, Christine was among one of them. She taught me how to drive and gave me a bunch of her old clothes when she was giving them away. She always let me use her scented hand creams on her desk whenever I walked by and would bring me up flavoured teas and coffees from time to time.

My boss had said to me that if things didn't work out with my new job, I was always welcome to come back and he'd offer me another position in the company. It was one of the sweetest and comforting things a manager could have ever said to me! Especially given my sudden and unexpected exit. I couldn't be more grateful to the people of this wonderful company.

So far, my new job is going well! Obviously there's a lot to take in right now and things are going to be a bit hectic and unsteady in the beginning as I continue to build my sonority and become familiar with the new settings. Like anything, I know it will get better in time!

Here's a few pictures from my past weekend:

Brian and I made a trip to Bath and Body Works and I pretty much went nuts over the awesome Fall scents they have out now!:



I absolutely love these mason jars:


And I LOVE that they now have a Halloween-geared candle!: Trick-or-Treat; I will definitely be purchasing this as it gets closer to!


Here's my Fall collection from over the years so far ;) :


(I'm wearing the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles nourishing hand cream right now and it smells amazing!)

We went to Medieval Times!








Where our team -- the Red and Yellow (aka Gryffindor colours ;) ) placed 2nd overall.

10649846_10102854509906342_1178999417414796458_n (Photos taken by my good friends Daniel and Stephanie).

Cartney decided to lie right on top of an important pile of papers:


And for the remainder of this week, I got to sleep in a bit and walk to work since it was close by enough. Lovely morning!:


Tomorrow is Brian's day off and because my work location is extremely close to his house tomorrow, we're going to meet up at lunch time and have a little picnic in the park. I can hardly wait for the tacos he's going to cook up!

I'm happy I got the chance to update finally! :D My updates will continue whenever I can. I wanna say, as always -- a BIG THANK YOU to my fellow followers and readers!!! It's because of you guys that I continue to blog :)

Hope everyone's having a good week, and just think -- tomorrow's Friday! :D Happy TGIF and weekend to you guys then!! xx.