Just Popping In On A Tuesday Night!

Happy rainy Tuesday evening! :) I'm not really going to have much time between now and the weekend to blog as I have a new placement for the next few days coming up (aka I'll probably be pretty exhausted in my evenings) so I just wanted to post quickly now!

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I've created and added to some new tabs on the top page of the blog! There's Bedroom, Humble Adbode (for our home) and Cozy Finds. Bedroom and Humble Abode have some pictures I added and now just need some proper captions (and perhaps, more pictures!) to be written at some point. But I thought I'd give you guys a little scoop in the meantime :)

So I'm super excited about the newest additions! I'm sure more ideas will keep popping into my head over time and the blog will continue to evolve, in a good way!

Thank you all so much for visiting and checking out my little space! Hope everyone's having a great week (just think for the Canadians: Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend! Yum!). :D

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