NHL Season Begins & Hey! The Stanley Cup In My House...?!

As a Canadian, I'm actually not all THAT into hockey (please, don't kill me!). I'm actually more into baseball (love the Blue Jays!). But I still do catch some hockey on TV from time to time; it's hard to miss and plus, Brian is a huge hockey / Leafs nut so it's not something that can easily be written-off. And hey, I did get up at 5:30 am on that Sunday to catch the Canada vs. Sweden men's gold medal Olympic game and went out to a Jack Astor's with Andrea and Somya to take in the celebrations (really, it was worth it!). Also, the Stanley Cup was at my house once. Or twice actually.

So I thought, why not do a little blog entry in honour of the NHL Season officially starting up tonight! -- by posting some photos of the Stanley Cup in our house.

Summer 2001:


It's all about who you know! From left, that's Andrea, my Uncle Paul and me (looking awkwardly pubescent!). My Uncle Paul is nothing short of a huge hockey/Leafs/sports fan. But mostly just a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Don't ask me how, but he's friends with some people who are sort of "responsible" for looking after the Cup from to time (aka driving it around to its next city destination) and so one day, he thought it would be a neat little surprise to bring this thing right into our house, smack down on the kitchen table.

And then almost 8 years later, he brought it back for another visit. January 2009:


This time, we made a bit of a party out of it and invited all our cousins and some friends over:



Trust me when I say that that thing is heavy! It's amazing to think of the players during their championship win skating around on the ice lifting this thing over their heads! I guess they're too overcome with happiness to even notice (and yeah, they're big, strong athletes...).

Happy NHL Season! :)