Cozy Finds: A Nordstrom Shimera Waffle Cotton Robe

When I watched Breaking Dawn: Part 1 one day, I couldn't help but notice a very comfy-looking bathrobe that K-Stew's character wears in one of the scenes:

images (2)bella-swan-and-shimera-waffle-cotton-robe-gallery (Source)

It reminded me of the type of bathrobe you'd wear when staying in a very nice hotel room (this makes sense in this scene as she is on her honeymoon). I was immediately intrigued and did a quick Google search to find out the product was called the Shimera Waffle Cotton Robe from Nordstrom.



After reading some reviews, I went ahead and ordered it in a light blue colour. It was a bit pricey than what I would normally spend out of my regular budget, but I absolutely love it! In most bathrobes, I overheat after a few minutes and have to take them off. But with this one, it is light and breezy, and the waffle-cotton material against my skin feels so nice and airy! I can wear it comfortably all day and probably one of my favourite parts about it -- it has pockets! Makes it great for carrying my cell phone in the morning while getting my coffee.


A great Cozy Find, indeed!