A Snowstorm, Andrea's Birthday & Secret Santa

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, my sister Andrea turned 22! We celebrated on Friday night with some cake, wine and my mom had bought some snacks for when her friends came over for a predrink.





I joined in on some festivities and then headed over to our friends' Chris and Libby's place for the "Couple Quad Secret Santa" party.





It was a fun night of Christmas drinks, appetizers, Christmas music, Cards Against Humanity and President.


On Thursday, there was a huge snowstorm here! I had taken the day off work originally to spend it with Brian. We were planning on going down to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District but the weather, unfortunately, made that virtually impossible.


Brian's brother, Shawn had invited a few of his friends over that day just to help shovel the front and backyard.

Instead, we headed to a lovely little Irish bar called Galway Arms, shared a beer and some potatoes and listened to the Irish music. The place had a great vibe to it, I wish I had taken some pictures! We took a nice seat by the window where they had a nice little Christmas tree and some snowflakes on the window. Irish pubs are one of my faves!


Cartney had enjoyed the festivities from Andrea's birthday this weekend too (can you imagine how the cats will be on Christmas?!)


My goal is to finish my Christmas shopping this week! In fact, I'm heading out in a bit to go and work on that right now. Once I get all that over with, hopefully I can truly get some rest time :)

Have a good Monday, everyone! (if that's possible!)