Monday Before Christmas

Happy Almost-Christmas Monday, everyone!!

Three days. Christmas is just three days away! As you can imagine, I've just been running around trying to get last minute gifts wrapped, seeing friends and family, all while trying to manage some downtime. It's been good but also hectic to say the least!

So I've decided that after Christmas, I am going to take some time off! I am working at my part-time job today and tomorrow, and then I'm going to take some much needed downtime! It's been awhile since I've taken time off work and the holidays are the perfect time to do so.


When I get some free time during the holidays, I will post some pictures of us at the Christmas Market this weekend down at the Distillery District. I finally made it there! And it was beautiful!

There is much to update on and I'm looking forward to doing so during my time off (which is soon!) :)

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!! Hope you're all taking some much needed downtime and relaxation!