Lifestyle: A Healthy, Yummy Breakfast!

My sister always makes a fabulous breakfast for herself on days where she can sleep in a bit more -- peanut butter and honey on toast topped off with banana slices. In fact, ever since we watched the '90s film The Babysitter's Club Movie and Kristy makes this tasty snack for and her father, we decided to try it out. It is a wonderful, delicious light meal -- and it's healthy too! In fact, for breakfast this morning, that is exactly what I had -- only I sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the banana slices!:


The cinnamon was like the cheery on top -- it added such a pleasant "kick" to the recipe! I found myself craving more afterwards and couldn't believe how scrumptious it tasted. You can also change it up by adding some berries or apple slices on top with whip cream or jam. The possibilities are endless! 

Ingredients ♥ Bread ♥ Peanut Butter ♥ Honey ♥ Cinnamon

Try it yourself for an excellent, enjoyable snack! :) This post has been added to the Lifestyle tab.