Happy Friday: Some Pictures From The Past {Simple!} Week

Happy Friday, friends! Another week has come and gone already. Not to mention - this weekend is Daylight Savings Time! It's rather bitter-sweet because on one hand, this is a sure sign that spring is on its way. On the other, we lose an hour of sleep. So if you normally wake up at 6, it'll be like waking up at 5! It's always hard for the first week or so...but over time, your body eventually gets used to it and mornings will get lighter and lighter as the days goes on. Is it a win-win sitch?


I made a quick visit to Dollarama this week and was overcome with all the GREEN for St. Patrick's Day!



The crazy thing is, I already have a lot of these decorations - I'm a bit of a St. Paddy's Day nut! (did I mention I'm not even Irish?) I can hardly wait to start decorating for the day!


Yesterday on my Instagram, I posted this picture of those yummy Belgium waffles next to my Beatles mug that I had for breakfast (I had a late start that day and I thought the sunlight from the kitchen looked beautiful!) I had been watching the show Eat St. a couple of days before and in one of the episodes, they visited a Belgium waffle food truck in New York. I suddenly had a huge craving for them and set out to the grocery store to buy some. Waffles are one of my favourite desserts and breakfast treats! Especially in this cold weather, I needed an excuse for some comfort food and this was the perfect ticket ;)

I had to take a picture of this pasta we had the other night for dinner:


I've never seen anything so..."spiral-ley!" :)

And here's Cartney (or, 'Big Squish' as we often call him...) taking a seat on my reading chair:



And there's some photos from my past, simple week!


Happy Weekend, everyone! Does anyone have any plans? What are your thoughts on Daylight Savings - yay or nay?