27 Years Young

Today I turn the ripe ol' age of 27! I woke up to dark skies, pouring rain, and a very busy work day ahead of me. But when I went on a later lunch, the rain had cleared, Brian met me for lunch, and the sun actually came out for a bit! One of the nicest parts about your birthday is receiving all the kind messages from friends and family. I feel very blessed with the best friends and family, health, employment, and a great boyfriend. My sister also made a really hilarious video of her playing acoustic guitar and singing me a little birthday tune that she sent me last night while I was still sleeping. I was having trouble uploading on it here, sadly. I hope I can post it soon (believe me when I say my sister is one of the funniest people I know!)


This was me on my 20th birthday, when my hair was accidentally dyed a jet-black and big, chunky necklaces were the way to go (hey, they still can be!)


I'm off to rest for a bit, have some dinner, cake and maybe a few birthday drinks? ;) It doesn't really matter that it's only Monday, right?...