Happy Friday: Dreaming of a {Warmer} Spring

Happy Friday again, my friends!! Can you believe it's already here? At the beginning of the week, it always seems like an eternity away and yet, here it is! Usually I reserve these Happy Friday posts to write about and reflect on my past week / weekend, but since I already did that with my birthday this week, I decided to post about what I'm most looking forward to as the weather gets warmer. It seems we took a turn this week and I found myself drudging out the winter jacket again and ugg boots (Can I get a booo?) We all know the mid to 15-20s will be here again... why the tease though, Canada?!

Doing Yoga (& Maybe Zumba?) 


As part of my goals for 2015, I mentioned that I always wanted to try yoga. For my birthday this past week, I got a yoga mat and last night my sister and I were finally getting around to look up places we can sign up for together. The only problem is we have clashing schedules - she typically works evenings whereas I work days, and this is something we both wanna do together. We found out a community centre very close to our house offers both yoga and zumba classes, but that the spring session has started already (ending at the end of May). We are going to keep an eye open for their June-July schedule, which would work out great for us. Fingers crossed!

Softball Days


We start softball again in a few weeks and I can't wait! We've been playing with the same team now for two years and we've all had so much fun together that most of us signed up again for a third year. When I first began softball two years ago, I didn't have a huge interest in it, or the game of baseball much. But after giving this a try, I found myself starting to love it and it's part of the reason why I got into watching baseball so much. I'm looking forward to those light and breezy summer evenings at the diamond having fun with these guys.

Breezy Reads


One of my favourite past-times on a warm Spring or Summer evening after work is sitting outside with a green tea and a good book. I have a list of books I can't wait to read and now that I've also got the Kobo, it feels like I've got a whole library stretched out before me.

The Great Outdoors


I love planning a fun, outdoorsy event with my friends for the day and taking advantage of beautiful, warm weather. Whether we're out bike-riding, checking out an outdoor event, or just strolling around a park, any excuse to be outside during this time of year is something to be taken advantage of!

Baseball Games - With the Dome Open!


I certainly can't wait to go to more Blue Jays games this summer with my friends, but one of the best parts about going to late Spring / Summer games is they open the Dome up so it feels more like a ball park! It's so nice feeling the outside breeze or having that beautiful natural sunlight shining through on those evenings or weekend games.

Evening Walks


Another favourite past-time of mine in late Spring / Summer nights is taking walks. My mom and I made a whole route that takes exactly one hour, and now when Brian has a night off, we often love to walk the route together too.

Little Garden


We have a small garden in our backyard and this year, Brian and I have talked about planting a few things together, like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (which can only result in a crisp garden salad afterwards!)

Licence to Grill 


There's nothing that says a beautiful sunny evening then the smell of a BBQ cooking away; I love it! Last week when the weather was unusually warm, my dad took the BBQ out to grill some hamburgers and the smell was delightful. I can't wait to start doing more of these!

If I go any further, I'll start listing all of my favourite Summer activities too! What are some of your favourite Spring-time things?


I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!