An 'At My House Survey'

A few months ago, Amanda from Small Home Big Start posted this 'At My House Survey', and I decided to fill it out too. Hope you enjoy and feel free to use it on your own blog, too!


Household chore I actually enjoy: Tidying up, especially when it comes to cleaning up my room and organizing. I've mentioned I might be mild OCD? Haha, I just always feel so much better when everything is put away and in place.

Chore I despise doing: Packing my lunch! It's a lot easier if there's leftovers from dinner, but it's just something I find such a drag to do every night. Sometimes I try to plan my week out and prepare things before hand but it's hard when you're living in a house with three other people in the kitchen all the time!


Biggest bedroom disaster: My closet, for sure! I've always tried to get around and clean it up a bit but I'm thinking at this point, it might be kind of hopeless... (I just keep the door closed ;) )


Before company arrives, we hide: Any type of clutter that is normally lying around otherwise. We focus on the kitchen, family room and living room since that's where company usually goes when they come over.

Most recent music download: I actually don't remember! The last CD I got though was for my birthday, my sister gave me Lea Michele's Louder.

IMAG0546    IMAG0548

The last thing I bought online: A limited edition of the memoir John, personally hand-signed by its author, Cynthia Lennon. It's something I will truly treasure!

I hate to shop for: Jeans and any kind of pants, for that matter. It's just a lot of work trying them on, seeing what works for you, visualizing what you need... I always head straight for t-shirts, sweaters or dresses as it's easier for me.

IMAG0229[1] (^^ That's actually my Uncle up at the cottage, but you get the idea!)

Favourite family ritual: Now that the weather is getting warmer, I love those Spring and Summer evenings when my dad's outside grilling something in the BBQ, the cats are taking in the fresh air, and after dinner we'd usually splurge for an espresso sometimes before going for a walk. Sometimes my dad would be working in the garden too, and we'd often have dinner around the picnic table.

I sleep in: Comfy cotton pants or shorts and long t-shirts / nightgowns. In the winter, I may wear a light sweater.

784 Kate Middleton stilul regalc

I have a style crush on: Kate Middleton. I would probably never need to wear the majority of her royal outfits but I just love looking at them when I see her in a magazine. Even when she's rocking her casual flare, she manages to look well put together and always classy.

IMAG0074 IMAG0072

I’m currently reading: I just finished the latest novel from Emily Giffin, The One and Only. I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to her next book! I actually just started a new book on my ereader, Capitvated By You by Sylvia Day (the 4th in the Crossfire series).


How did I ever live without: My new tea kettle! I just got this for my birthday last week and I've been loving it! I love that I can walk out of the kitchen and let it boil until it automatically stops. It's been encouraging me to drink more tea too since it's super easy to handle.

Feel free to choose some questions and leave your answers in the comments, I'd love to hear!