Happy Friday: It's May!!! Beautiful Spring At Last

Happy May 1st!! Without a doubt, May is one of my most favourite months. It's when Spring really comes into bloom - and not in the rainy/grey/still-could-be-winter sorta way. Flowers are in full bloom, the grass is a beautiful, fresh vibrant green, and evenings only require a light sweater. I couldn't be more thrilled! You can see this past week, I really soaked up all that was Spring.

Sights & Smells of the Season

I made a run to Bath and Body Works and picked up three of their new seasonal candles: Veranda Green, Watermelon Lemonade and a new Lilac Blossom (as my previous one ran out; it smells like a beautiful garden!)


I was super stoked to see the weather forecast for the week (finally 15+!):



 A co-worker of mine bought this adorable yellow-potted plant for her desk (from Fortino's). The spalsh of bright yellow really stands out in the grey / blue office! I was also feeling very "Springy" in Dollarama the other day.

IMAG0093    IMAG0098

I love how much brighter and more lively everything looks during this time of year. Not only does Spring awaken the nature outside, but it also shines indoors and can light up any place. I couldn't resist this blissful shot when Somya and I went to Second Cup last week....


... while sharing a strawberry shortcake cupcake. The frosting tasted like a sweet milkshake!


The kitchen and backyard looking very enlightened after a long, grey winter.



I love Bath and Body Works, but I often wish Canada had more Yankee Candles around. There are only a few stores around here and whenever I spot one, it can be tough to get me out of there! (I mean, they have a beer-scented candle called On Tap??) And a whole row of fresh Spring scents, such as Water Garden, Spring Bouquet, and Picnic in the Park.

IMAG0059   IMAG0060

Brittany's Birthday & Catching Up With Some Old Friends

Last week was our friend Brittany's birthday (even though she isn't featured in any of the following pics...hah). Andrea and I stopped by the Madison for a few hours where we caught up with some friends.




It's a Cat World

With the warmer weather this week, our cats were definitely more energetic; more active cats means more photos to snap and share! When I came home from work the other day, this little orange guy greeted me through the window; pretty much melted my heart:



Lazy afternoon naps:


IMAG0068 IMAG0070

One wants to go out and the other wants to come in:

IMAG0071        IMAG0085



Speaking of cats, my friend Kate just got a little black kitten a few weeks ago named Zef and I met him for the first time last weekend. He was so adorable and full of energy and had a funny, strange obsession with their kitchen sink:


cat     cat3

New Blog Header


Ever since I got a Wordpress account, I had absolutely NO idea on how to make a personalized title-header! It was the one thing that always drove me nuts, but for the first time this week, I finally figured out how to do it with some help (and it's honestly the easiest thing EVER). Stay tuned for a little tutorial post on how I was finally able to make my own customized header!


Just before the weekend came rolling around, Brian and I got around to practising some softball last night and played catch in the park. This is always one of my favourite views.



It's the weekend at last and by the looks of it, it's sure to be a beautiful one. Happy weekend!! :) What will you be up to?