Happy Friday: A Busy Past Week With More Spring, Yoga, A Royal Baby, & a Cousin's Spring Concert!

It's Friday once again! And my, what a beauty one it is out there. This week has been a busy but fun one too with enjoying the weather, seeing some family, and doing some new activities.

It's A Cat World, Part 2 

I knew the next little bit coming up was going to be a busy one so on Friday night, I decided to stay in and take it easy - by spending some time outside 'walking' the cats.



They were absolutely loving the weather!

IMAG0114[1]  IMAG0118[1]

The shrubs have really grown in this week, just look how vibrant they've become!


I thought this random patch of purple flowers was simply adorable.




A Baby Princess

I'm a fan of Will and Kate. But mostly Kate ;) I absolutely love her style and etiquette, and I remember watching the Royal Wedding live on TV. I also watched live when she presented Prince George to the world and I'm happy I got to see that again with their new daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.


Apologies for the low quality of the photographs. I guess my phone camera didn't pick up the picture so well from the TV, but this was live when they first came out of the hospital.





It amazes me how Kate can have a baby and come out a few hours later looking like she did.

Evening Cheers


That night, we headed to Paupers Pup and caught a few beers with some good friends. It'd been awhile since I've seen this gang and I couldn't have been more thrilled.



Arica and I, gal pals since university!

Newest Neighbourhood Pup


On Sunday morning, our neighbour Michelle introduced us to the newest member of her family - an adorable little pup named Mylo. This guy is only about 7 months, is half a miniature pinscher and half jack russell, and apparently he's supposed to stay his size!


Beautiful Afternoon Walk Through James Garden


The weather in Ontario lately has been nothing short of perfect; I love the month of May! I probably should have just relaxed on Sunday but Andrea and I decided to take a nice walk through one of our favourite parks, James Garden. Our parents actually had their wedding photos taken here, and I can definitely see why.



Walking along the path to take us there. I absolutely love riding my bike through here.




An absolutely beautiful view! :)  I could perch under one of these trees and just take a nap feeling the nice light breeze.




I posted the photo down below on my Instagram the other day and commented on how cute that elderly couple is taking a selfie.


A random patch of green shrubs in the middle of the forest floor.



Here's a nice artsy shot: a heart-shape in the middle of an old tree trunk.


Before we walked too far, we turned around and headed home to dinner (thank goodness my dad had made grilled burgers, we were spent!)


Sunday Evening Hang-Out 

Because then in the evening, we met Miche and Brian for another little hang-out! We didn't do as much walking though this time around but rather, some relaxing in a near by park.


But not before taking some pictures of the beautiful magnolia trees. I love these beauties every spring but my only complaint is, they only last a few days before they fall off!



And then we were off!


I feel lucky to have some walking-distance nearby little parks in our area.



11081281_10153311517799182_7056768792636849920_n 11133677_10153311517899182_4323591459890866986_n



Miche was living her inner child in the park (We all need a bit of that from time to time, don't ya think?)


Grandfather's 85th Birthday


This past week, our grandfather turned 85. Sadly, he has dementia and is living in a home, but all the more reason to celebrate. My mom brought some pastries and gathered a few of our family to pay him a birthday visit. He usually doesn't smile much these days, but a small treat and surrounded by his loved ones got him a little grin.

First Yoga Class!  


This week, Andrea and I finally made it out to our first yoga class! I had never done yoga before except for a DVD I have that goes over some intro moves. Let's just say that I'm not the greatest at balancing...or stretching to my full capacity... but we both really enjoyed it and afterwards, we noticed just how relaxed we felt! We definitely will be going back for some more classes.

Proud Cousin, Spring Concert 

Last night, I paid my old high school a visit to watch my cousin perform in his spring music concert. I always love going back to my former school; though I would not choose to go back now, I really enjoyed my high school years, especially the music department. I am always happy for an excuse to go back and watch a performance.



One of my former music teachers and the head of the department. I really love that all the music teachers still work together; they were some of the best and I have very fond memories of them. You can tell they're in the job for the passion and love of their students.


Little did I know that my cousin was doing some conducting! Totally caught us all off guard.



And he did a fine job, might I add.


A proud cousin I was!



He also played some of his ol' cello.


These guys also did an impressive rendition of Mumford and Son's, I Will Wait. Props to the banjo player!


And the finale included both orchestra and choir group. Together, they sounded so great! And best part was I got to see my two favourite music teachers performing together once again.


I had to snap a picture of the lockers; when I was in school, they were a light beige colour with lots of scratches on them. They were definitely old and a bit out of date! I loved the updated burgundy colour with black boarding.


Sights From My Work Week 

With the beautiful Spring, almost Summer-like weather this week, I was lucky enough to work in an area that had a nice little neighbourhood where I'd read on my lunch break, and a Tim Hortons!



Surprisingly during lunch time, this park was nice and peaceful.



This house had such a charming little garden in it with two bird baths and some soothing wind chimes.


I took a seat under a maple tree, coffee in hand, and was lost in a book for a little break. It's a very nice break throughout your day.



I hope everyone has a simply beautiful weekend! It's supposed to be a lovely one and after a busy week, I'm certainly looking forward to it.