Dainty Unicorn Charm Bracelet From Etsy

Last week I was scrolling through Etsy and found myself a pretty and dainty unicorn chain bracelet.


I ordered it through Lydia's Vintage: a lovely woman named Leslie who makes her own handmade jewellery and vintage wares in the States.


I've always had a "thing" for unicorns; even still at 27. One of my favourite books to this day is Into The Land Of The Unicorns, and after re-reading it for the 80th time last week, I decided to find something small and pretty that I could wear without looking like I'm 5 years old.

IMAG0369I loved that it was a layering chain so you could adjust it to the size that best fits, and that the unicorn charm wasn't too dangly  and clunky.



I absolutely love Etsy! So many talented people out there and there's always something for everyone. ~~ Have you guys ever shopped at Etsy? What did you end up buying, and what do you recommend?