Happy Friday Long Weekend!: A Wine Tour, Mother's Day, & Softball Begins

Happy Friday!! And it's the Victoria Day Long Weekend in Canada, one of my favourite long weekends ever. I hold good memories for this weekend in May because it's usually when the nice weather really starts to kick in (even though today's kind of blahh and grey out now). I'm looking forward to the extra day of rest! Wine Tours Toronto

Last weekend, Brian and I took a day trip up to the Niagara countryside to do a wine-tasting tour. We had never done anything like that before, but our friends were always telling us how fun they were and we wanted to try something different.




And we honestly had such a great day! More to come on the blog about it!

Mother's Day

For Sunday Mother's Day, plans were kept fairly simple this year. We watched an I Love Lucy marathon that was on all day (we loved it!) and went to our usual, favourite Mother's Day spot - Artisano Bakery Cafe with our Nonna.


art2We absolutely love the sandwiches and soups here, and my mom always manages to pick up some yummy Portuguese tarts for dessert.

Rather than heading home for some espresso right away, our parents took us to their other small house they own. They're landlords to this cute little home, and last year after a fire broke out on the deck from the tenets, they painted the place up and got some reno done. It had been a long time since I'd seen this place and the updates looked great!


IMAG0345The kitchen was the biggest transformation and my personal fave. It may be small but I love all the white and natural light.


IMAG0347I "joked" to my parents that they should just sell the house to me one day, it's a great starter-up house for a new couple or family just starting out. Not to mention, they live on a much quieter street than ours!

IMAG0349And just a quick drive down is Lake Ontario. I would love to live around this area! How great would it be to escape somewhere just a block down the road with a lakeshore?

IMAG0351Apparently you could see the whole Toronto skyline here but on this particular day, it was very foggy after a rainfall so no cigar.

IMAG0353We were loving it!



The Team Is Back!

This week we also started softball again for the third year! It was so nice to come back after a long winter and see these guys again.


IMAG0362Plus, we won our first game! And I somehow got the winning RBI ("Run batted in") ...go figure.

Sea Glass Candles

The other night after a failed shopping experience with Somya, we made a quick trip into Bath and Body Works (to make ourselves "feel better") and came across their new and beautiful Summer candles.

IMAG0372We absolutely loved the look (and smell!) of these beauties, which were inspired by sea glass. My personal favourites just by sniff were Turquoise Waters and Rainforest Gardenia.

And now it's the (long) weekend! What will you be up to this weekend? (whether it's an extra day for you or just a regular weekend?)


Whatever it is, I hope everyone enjoys! I leave you with two pics of Cartney: one, he's in a box. And the other: just being cute (as per usual). :)