Happy Friday: Lenny Recovering, High Park, & Kawasaki Back On The Blue Jays!

Happy sunny Friday, folks! The sun is shining but the air is chilly. I tell ya: no other place can be known for having such a bipolar weather like Canada (are there others? Do tell!)

Lenny On Recovery 


Last week was the Victoria Day Long Weekend. We were blessed with beautiful warm weather and sunshine all around. I really enjoyed my extra day off, only we noticed one of our cats, Lenny, being a bit more sluggish than usual. For two days, he didn't eat or run around in the backyard like he normally would so we took him twice to the vet. They confirmed that he had a bit of a fever, but they didn't know what else was wrong; he ended up staying overnight for two nights. He finally came home last night, with the fever gone and he's slowly starting to get back to his old self. *Fingers crossed* all continues to go well, I'll keep you guys posted!

A Day At High Park

During the day on Saturday, my friend Ross and I took a little stroll through High Park. I'm pretty sure we missed the major booming of the cherry blossoms but we still had a really nice day for it.




Ross and I met through mutual friends while we were in university together. He's a globe-trotter and has been to more places in the world than anyone I know! If ever you need travel advice or tips about getting a new phone or computer, he's your go-to guy!


I think this was one of the last cherry blossoms!


Beautiful swaying trees.


Later that night, a few of us got together and went to a bar called The Bar With No Name.


We had a great spot by the open window and had a nice evening of drinks and good company.

Little Sunday BBQ & Monopoly Deal  

Sunday evening we headed over to Natalie and Steve's place for a little tasty BBQ, drinks, and a fun card game I had never played before called Monopoly Deal.


Here's a fun little fact: If you get the "It's My Birthday Card," each player has to give you $2 million each time (not too bad, huh?)

Letterman's Last Show

This past Wednesday was David Letterman's last show after 33 years being on late night. I always enjoyed watching him from time-to-time, and so Brian and I decided to catch his last show together.


We thought it was a great finale! His infamous top-ten list featured guests such as Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, Chris Rock and Bill Murray. You can watch his last show here.

A Few More Sights From This Week + Munenori Kawasaki Back With The Jays!

I've been recovering from a little cold and cough this week, so I didn't take as many photos as I normally would. On a day I took off, Brian brought some tacos over for lunch and we had a nice day sitting outside and listening to the Leafs get their new coach on the radio. Apparently, it was quite a moment in TML history!

Cartney in an old box.


Spent a cozy evening-in last night watching the Hills, always a favourite of mine during the week!


This morning I woke up to two messages from my sister and Brian letting me know that Munenori Kawasai was called up from the minors to join the Blue Jays again; I was ecstatic!


This hilarious Japanese guy was one of the reasons I started getting into baseball two years ago, he is extremely funny and brings such a fun-loving character to the game; naturally he's quite popular with the fans too, and we couldn't be happier to have him back on board.


Even though we had a short week, I couldn't be more happy that it's the weekend again! I'm still feeling a little rough so I'm looking forward to a relaxing, quiet night in with some tea tonight. What will you be up to this weekend??