Summerlicious 2015 in Toronto

I love Summerlicious in Toronto! It's when a number of restaurants and bistros all over the city offer a three-course sort of "package" meal-deal on special foods their particular restaurant is known for (they also have one for Winterlicious). Last week, I went to two Summerlicious places with some friends.

Dinner at Sassafraz

The first one we went to was the fancy Sassafraz, located in the upscale part of downtown Toronto known as Yorkville.


I had never been to this restaurant before but we all really enjoyed it!


We looked through their chic menu and ordered ourselves a tasty white sangria pitcher to start off.

IMAG1096[1]    IMAG1093[1]

For the appetizer, I got myself an asparagus and potato soup (very yummy!)


My friend Miche got the grilled calamari, which looked amazing.


For the main course, I ordered the Ontario Cornish Hen (again, very tasty!)


My other friend Christina got the Ontario Artisan Beef Striploin.


And for the third portion - dessert! - I got myself the delectable strawberry rhubarb cheesecake.


Miche got the chocolate tarte.


And then we got the waiter to take a picture of us at the end. A class act!


It's not very often that I get out to the elegant Yorkville area so after dinner, we took advantage and did some "sight-seeing."




Every girl loves Kate Spade, right? :)



Lunch at Bloom

The next day, I met a few other friends for a Summerlicious lunch at a Latino place called Bloom.

20090721-bloom Source

I had never been to this place either but similarly, it was another mod bistro. The waiter was telling us it used to serve Mediterranean cuisines until the owner married someone Spanish - then changed it all to Latino goods.

For the appetizer, I ordered myself the kale salad (I love my greens!)


The main course was delicious fish tacos:


And dessert was the mango custard with berries:


This time around, we ordered a rosé wine sangria pitcher to share. I prefer white wine all around but when it comes to sangrias, I'm all about the rosé!


Summerlicious in the city ends this Sunday, 26th! If you're in the area, check out some nearby places here!


Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday!