Why I Decided to Change the Blog Name (Again)

Welcome to the newly re-named blog: Cozy Comfy Home! Same blog, different name - but still with the same old me! So, why the change suddenly?


With the long weekend here in Canada this past weekend, I had a few extra days off to relax and rejuvenate myself before going back to work. During this short time off, I gave my blog some thinking and decided that as much as the title, Lovely & Cozy sounded pretty - it just didn't feel quite me. Sure, the Cozy part was! But the Lovely part? I was always a little iffy about it.


I started brainstorming and visualizing the same blog but with a different name that I felt I could relate with more. While I was jotting down ideas, it started to thunderstorm outside. The house became darker, the winds picked up and suddenly it started to downpour. But I loved it! I felt absolutely snug and cozy inside and it put me in a relaxing mood.


Ta-da! I knew that if I wrote about living in a cozy home - this would give the blog a whole new feel. What is it about the word home that makes everything seem comfortable? I guess Dorothy had the right idea when she said, "There's no place like home." Plus, I knew it was something I could always write about even when I move out.


Using Bust A Name and keywords, the only URL that was available was the one I went for: cozycomfyhome.com. Ideally, I would have liked something a little more simpler, like just Cozy Home or The Cozy Home, but they were already in use.

So far, I'm happy with the way Cozy Comfy Home has shaped up, and I do love the name! When it came to making a header, I was torn on two colours:



I asked everyone in my house what they thought:

Mom: liked the maroon, because it stood out. Dad: liked the spring green because it was more "relaxing." Sister: could not decide between the two. But, she did give me a suggestion I'd been thinking:

The maroon gave a much cozier feeling but it also reminded me of the fall months. And it's still only August. My sister suggested, "Why not keep the green for the warm months, then change it to the maroon for the cooler months?" I haven't fully decided, but I really like this idea and will keep it in mind. What do you guys think?


There's still some links and name changes I need to fix up but otherwise, it's all up and running! I hope you guys continue to enjoy what's to come on the same ol' blog! :)