Happy Friday: the Red-Hot Blue Jays, Cartney & the Cursor, & a Long Weekend Trip

Happy rainy Friday! I'm up and about with my coffee and a mini suitcase packed and ready to go: Brian and I headed out on a little weekend get away. Be sure to check out the blog next week to see where we're headed! Here's this week's Happy Friday. suitcase

The other night, my sister and I went to the baseball game. The Blue Jays are red-hot now and absolutely on fire! (here's hoping I didn't just jinx it). Andrea's been to a handful games, but has never experienced a win. She knew if they didn't win that night (after being on their 8-game winning streak), she was bad luck.


We grabbed some cheap tickets and headed off in full anticipation.


These days, the Rogers Centre is even more packed with a sea of blue. We grabbed a quick hot-dog outside the stadium before enduring that huge crowd and security check.


It was a beautiful summer's night: perfect for an evening at the ball game.


The skyline looked even better when dawn broke and the lights shone brighter than ever.


And this is what a win looks like. Way to go, boys!


Andrea finally got to experience a win, too! (She's saying, "Guess what, they won! - Ooh, my battery's critically low!")[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oNHD8pUD6A[/embed]

Yesterday morning before work, I was doing some blog editing when I noticed Cartney taking a deep interest with my computer screen. I realized he was focused and completely fascinated with the computer cursor.

I present you with Cartney and the Mouse Cursor:


And as I checked the video on my laptop, Cartney proceeded again by watching himself:


Cartney's little shenanigan very much reminded me of Amanda's little pup: Whiskey vs The Cursor. I imagine it's a very common trait among fun pets!


 I'm off to get a few last minute things packed! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with some relaxation in there somewhere!