Autumn Would You Rather Survey

With the first day of Fall last week, I was seeing blog posts left, right, and center all geared toward things like pumpkin spiced lattes, buying pumpkins, and decorating up the house; I love it all!


I found this Autumn "Would You Rather" quiz from Katelyn's blog (another fellow Canadian!) and thought it would be fun to do. Feel free to try it out for yourself!

Autumn Would You Rather Survey

1. Go apple picking vs. Go on a hay ride:  I'm certainly not opposed to apple picking! But I think going on a hay ride would just be more fun, I used to love them as a kid!

2. Scary vs. Sweet: Every year, I'm usually dressed up as something on the "sweeter" side as opposed to scary (maybe I should try changing it up!)

3. Sweaters vs. Boots

4. Socks vs. Mittens

5. Bonfires vs. Football

Halloween '94, as an angel / fairy-thing

6. Trick-or-treating vs. Watching scary movies. I know I'm much too old for trick-or-treating. But if I can tag along with a younger cousin, explore all the spooky, decorated houses, and watch them get excited over candy, I'd much prefer to do that! (Plus, I'm a huge wuss for scary movies!)

7. Apple pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: Forever my favourite! I'm still trying to get Brian hooked on the stuff.

8. Halloween vs. Thanksgiving: I actually couldn't pick between the two - both make up different things I love about this season.

9. Baked pie vs. Baked cookies. For this season, I think baked pie is very appropriate (and tasty!)

10. Rain vs. Fog.

11. Black cats vs. Owls


12. Ghosts vs. Wizards. I love Harry Potter but I'm actually so much more fascinated by ghosts.

13. Harry Potter vs. Halloweentown

14. Go hiking vs. Sleep in. Sleep in, then go for a hike!

15. Cinnamon vs. Nutmeg

16. Reading vs. Writing: Both! Couldn't choose.

17. Hot chocolate vs. Tea.

18. Live in a cabin in a forest vs. Have it be fall 24/7: until the Christmas season begins, that is!

19. Candy apples vs. Caramel apples

20. Blankets vs. Pillows

21. Roasted marshmallows vs. Roasted chestnuts

22. Coffee vs. Apple cider: Couldn't possibly pick. I can't survive without coffee but for Fall, I absolutely love apple cider.

23. Red leaves vs. Orange leaves

24. Braids vs. Bows

25. Scented candles vs. The smell of fresh baked goods:  As much as I love (and collect) scented candles, nothing beats the real deal.

26. Carve pumpkins vs. Make pumpkin pie: Again, can't pick!

27. Pumpkin spice lattes vs. Chai tea lattes

28. Coats vs. Oversized sweaters

29. Beanies vs. Berets: I love a mixture of both!

30. Candy corn vs. Peanut butter cups

31. S'mores vs. Apple crisp

32.  Jump in a pile of leaves vs. Swing on a tire swing

33. Corn maze vs. Haunted house

34. Bob for apples vs. Visit a pumpkin patch

35. Whipped cream on hot chocolate vs. Marshmallows on hot chocolate:  Really though..both would be simply delightful!