Our Lovely & Quiet Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Tuesday after a long weekend! (It's kind of the worst, isn't it?!) As I mentioned in my Saturday post, this weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving and my, what a beautiful one we had for it! Later this week, I'll be sharing some "Fall Foliage" and beautiful Autumn walks we had the opportunity of enjoying for this festive long weekend.

In the mornings, I woke up to cooler temperatures and warm sunshine. Cuddling up in my houserobe with a steamy cup of coffee is always my favourite way to start up a weekend, accompanying the cats outside.

They love to cuddle up inside after they get their morning dose. :)

Before our little Thanksgiving dinner, I took a walk around our neighbourhood. It was all blue skies, sunshine, and orange and red-coloured trees.

Just a couple of blocks from our house is a park and a forest towards the back.

Brian and I took a walk through here just this past summer. I love having this so close to home!

Beautiful sights of Fall.

I built up quite an appetite after that. Luckily, it was almost time for some Thanksgiving dinner!

But first: I added a little vase to the table filling it with some leftover orange flowers we had and artificial berries from the dollar store.

Finally, the food was served! My Nonna is truly a champ and cooked everything.

She brought it all in this little wicker basket she had, which I thought was adorable.

Her homemade mashed potatoes are my absolute favourite! She also cooked lasguna, more potatoes, salad, green beans and peppers and of course, some turkey with homemade gravy. Yum!

No one was particularly in the mood for photos that day. My dad improvised quickly.

And despite the successful selfie we took during Easter, my Nonna was not having any part of it this time around.


With tummies stuffed and dishes cleared, we headed towards the living room and watched a traditional Friends Thanksgiving episode (The One Where Ross Got High!)

And all weekend, I was waiting for this: yummy pumpkin pie!!

Topped with some whipped cream and served with coffee, I found myself going back for seconds.


Later that evening, I went over to Brian's where I joined him and his cousins for some more leftover dessert and coffee (the peanut-butter cookies were to do die for!) We all huddled around the TV for the rest of the evening to catch the Blue Jays game (a Thanksgiving miracle, and the Jays tied up the series! *fingers crossed...*)

It's no wonder why I love Thanksgiving so much ;)

Stay tuned for some more beautiful Fall photos on the blog this week, here's a sneak peek!: