Toronto Blue Jays Fever Across Canada ~ Continues!...

I'm going to "interrupt" my usual Fall post for today just to acknowledge this.......

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In case you didn't hear (or maybe, just not overly interested) but in any case: the Toronto Blue Jays have once again secured their place in baseball playoffs and the whole country is feeling the love and excitement!

I'm not a huge sports nut (unlike the boyfriend) but in the last few years, I've gotten really into baseball and couldn't be more thrilled at how far Toronto's team has come this past year.

It's exciting to see the city sporting blue and erupting in Jays fever. It's been a long time since we could get excited over a sports team like this, and we're loving it! (not to quote McDonald's...)

Even though I was full of nerves, I was also brimming with anticipation and the up most Blue Jays faith. Somya and I caught the game at an outdoor venue with a handful of other excited fans while we cheered on our boys.

It got much chiller at night - so we made sure to bundle up to stay warm.

It was an interesting game, to say the least! And after the biggest slugger - and stylish bat toss - by none other than our José Bautista, we knew the game was pretty much in the bag for us from that moment on.

Everyone cheered and applauded our amazing come-back!

We were psyched! (and nice and cozy warm, too!)

Even this morning, it was so exciting waking up to Jays fever splashed all over the morning news and making fun headlines in the papers.

And onto the next level the boys go! :D


Tomorrow I'll be sharing the Autumn pictures for a Happy Friday post. Hope everyone's having a nice Thursday!

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