Happy Friday: Beautiful Fall Colours

Happy sunny, chilly Friday! Even though it's been a short week, it's felt like such a long one! I could use an extra cup of coffee right about now and maybe cuddle back up under my covers while watching Ellen. Sounds nice, huh? :) I hope you all enjoy this Happy Friday post on the beautiful, recent fall colours I've been noticing around Ontario!


We usually always celebrate Thanksgiving on the Sunday and Monday is reserved for things like resting up and getting ready for the work week. Last year on Thanksgiving Monday, Somya and I visited the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, and it was much cooler then. This year though, we had stunning weather for the long weekend and took full advantage.

Sun shining, crisp blue skies and the sight of leaves changing, it was the perfect day for a little Fall trail.

The air had that typical "Fall" scent to it that reminded me of my childhood days running around and crunching leaves beneath my boots.

The sight of Autumn colours every year always takes my breath away.

A few other people had the right idea too, and took advantage of their holiday Monday enjoying the outdoors like us.

The end of the trail led to a railway track.

And then we turned around!

After stomachs stuffed full of yummy Thanksgiving food, taking a nice fall trail was the perfect way to get some activity in.

In the late spring time, our backyard was bright, lush and in full bloom.

During Autumn, leaves are fallen, grounds are wet and grey skies prevail.

I know it's better in the long run to rake up leaves, but I love seeing them scattered about!

Walking around the backyard, and leaves are crunching and winds are swaying through the trees. It's Autumn at its pure best.


Hope you all have a great weekend! What will you be up to?


At some point, I'd like to buy a pumpkin (or two) for our front porch and really start thinking about a Halloween costume (I'm really struggling this year!)