A Night in Toronto with Legendary Paul McCartney

This past Saturday, my sister and I had the upmost privilege of seeing the amazing Sir Paul McCartney - for the second time - perform in Toronto.

We saw him for the first time nearly five years ago, and we were completely blown away then.

August 2010

I had never experienced a concert like Paul's before! We knew that if he ever came back to Toronto and we were lucky enough to snag some tickets again, we'd be all over that. Thankfully, we managed to do just that.

Toronto welcomed the former Beatle with open arms and excitement.

Normally when going to a concert at the Air Canada Centre, you can just go right in. But they had really tight security this particular evening and all the crowds were waiting outside.

After freezing a bit in the cold, we finally made it inside - only to hear that Paul was doing a sound-check! It was awesome hearing him even from outside the arena. When we were let in, Andrea and I were quite impressed by our seats. We knew we'd have a pretty good view of him and the band!

I met Andrea downtown when she was done work and because it was so hectic, we didn't get a chance to take a full body shot photo like last time. But I was sporting my favourite Beatles Rubber Soul tee, complete with a black Sgt. Pepper hoodie while Andrea rocked her Revolver tee.

When it was getting close to concert time, the screens started featuring some images of Paul and the Beatles over the years. It really put things into perspective and built up anticipation.

Finally, the man himself arrived on stage and we were star struck once again!

He was performing with the same band we saw him with five years ago. They are truly amazing musicians and it was great to see them back (a few of them we follow on Twitter, such as guitarist Brian Ray).

We may have been off to the side, but Paul knows how to capture his audience and makes sure to visit all sides of the stage. Whenever he came over to our side and waved, our whole section went ballistic! I only wish I managed to capture a good photo, but I was too busy waving back ;) It was so awesome finally being able to see his face this time around (Five years ago, he was no more than a little dancing blurb from our seats).

He went over to the grand piano and played one his ballads I love so much for his wife, Nancy.

My Valentine. Such a beautiful song.


This time around, he also played Maybe I'm Amazed, one of my favourite songs he wrote for his first wife, Linda. I was just playing it on the piano earlier that day myself so it was a pleasant surprise to see him perform it, too.

You can bet it was a sold out show! Besides the loud, non-stop cheers, you really noticed when the stage lights lit everybody up.

During this set, Paul was raised on a platform and solely performed his tribute song he wrote for John Lennon after he passed away, Here Today. I definitely teared up a bit!

He also did a fantastic tribute to George Harrison, playing Something on George's old ukulele.

Then went back to his signature Hofner bass.

During Let It Be, the crowds lit up their phones in unison.

A small clip-it of Band on the Run I accidentally caught:


All of us cheering Paul on as he spoke to his Canadian audience:


Live and Let Die is always a fantastic performance with fireworks galore shooting up right on the stage!


Like previously, one of Andrea and I's favourite moments throughout the whole show was singing Hey Jude with Paul and everyone. We're so happy we got to re-live that again!


On his snazzy-looking piano, he performed some later Beatles classics, such as Lady Madonna.

After one of his encores, he likes to come back out and wave the country's flag. Always a treat!

And play a bit more!

He does a fabulous rendition of one of his older solo songs, Mull of Kintyre. A whole set of extremely talented bagpipe and drummer players are brought out for the occasion.


A rocking edition of the Beatles' Helter Skelter:


Paul is fantastic with his audience too. There are more signs held up in the front row then I've seen before and as a result, he calls up a few lucky viewers on stage.

This couple was celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary that night.

Source: Instagram

And a mother and daughter got autographs - the mother getting an autograph on her arm to be tattooed and the daughter one on the back of her shirt. These lucky people!

After three hours straight, with two encores, Paul finally ends his amazing concert with the classic Beatles tune, Golden Slumbers, off the last Beatles album.


And the sentimental "The End": the last song on the last Beatles album. Very fitting :D



We're so happy we got to experience seeing Paul again, only now, we miss him all over again like last time! We swore to ourselves we wouldn't go too crazy this time around...and do something as stupid, like asking Ellen DeGeneres if we could possibly meet him on her show. Only dreamers would do that, huh? :)


This week has been a bit of a hectic one so my apologies for the lack of regular post updates! I hope you're all having a great one and staying cozy :)