A Day in Toronto with the Fabulous Ringo Starr

On Saturday, I saw Paul McCartney in concert and on Tuesday, I saw Ringo :D How awesome is it that the city had the two remaining Beatles visiting in a mere couple of days of each other?

Not only was Ringo performing with his All Star band that evening, but during the day I found out he was gonna be doing a little interview at the infamous Indigo bookstore on Bay and Bloor in downtown Toronto to promote his new book, Photograph.

Up close and personal with one of the Beatles? Yes, please! I scored myself a ticket which allowed me to stand in the seating area and receive one of his books with a gold plate inside.

Even though I had a ticket, the seating area was first come, first serve. It filled up pretty quickly and I ended up having to stand among the small crowd.

People were even standing by the stairs entrance, all super excited to witness a Beatle in the building.

Little did I know: the advantage of standing in the aisle - Ringo walked right past us!

Oh, my goodness! :D

I was so excited to be this close to a Beatle that I couldn't keep the camera steady enough.

During his 20 minute visit, Ringo was interviewed by the CEO of Indigo, Heather Reisman.


He shared some fun stories regarding the photos in his new book, including lots of funny Beatles ones.


He's also a big promoter of spreading peace and love everywhere (like an old "hippie", as he called himself!)

I included this blurry photo because this was Ringo coming right up to me at the end of the interview and did a 'peace and love' wave right in front of my face.

I could not keep myself steady! I saw the blue of his eyes behind his shades; a memory that will stay with me :)

While standing in line earlier, I met this lovely woman, Pam. She's originally a New Yorker but fell in love with Toronto and moved here. We were so excited and happy after seeing Ringo, that we snapped a selfie together.

Upstairs, copies of Ringo's book were everywhere to be purchased with some proceeds going to charity.

There were also these rare and personally signed Beatles prints you could buy - including a chance to meet Ringo! But $4,000? I had just seen him up close and gotten my own little wave - I was okay.


That night, my dad and I headed to Massey Hall to see Ringo perform with his All Starr Band!

We had seen Ringo only one other time before about three years ago. My dad especially loved his show and was excited to be seeing him and his band again.

Massey Hall is a really antique-y looking venue, providing the best sound apparently!

My dad's in to the whole selfie thing these days.

Probably because he has an awesome camera! We were up in the top row but these pictures of Ringo are so incredibly clear.

I really wish I brought his camera to the Paul concert now!

He did some classic singing himself, belting out some Beatles tunes like Yellow Submarine and I Wanna Be Your Man.




Two Beatles in three days? As a Beatles nut, I'm calling that a good accomplishment :D