An Ode to the Toronto Blue Jays of 2015

The Toronto Blue Jays had an amazing season this year! After 22 years of no play-offs or chance of a World Series win, we were finally renewed with new hope and excitement with the boys this year.

After the major trade deadline in late July of this year, things finally started looking up. In short: we started winning games like crazy and became unstoppable!

I was way too young to remember when Toronto won the World Series back in 1992 and 93. It was so exciting this year to finally see the city and country come together as one and cheer on our team.

Before I knew it, I started seeing people everywhere sporting Blue Jays attire more than usual: from hats to sweaters to jerseys to flags on their cars.

There were fun commercials that started regularly airing on TV that gave you goosebumps, as well as radio announcements on every channel.

The CN Tower was lit up blue more frequently.

Games became sold out (which never really happened before) and prices went up in demand.

Even the public transit buses sported a "Go Jays Go" sign on the front windows.

I love getting into the spirit of pretty much anything and so when the city started hopping on a thrilling bandwagon together to cheer on our Jays, I absolutely loved it!


It made things incredibly exciting and so positive in Toronto, as well as all of Canada. It was such an amazing feeling to live and be that much more proud to walk down the street sporting our team's name. It was a sense of belonging, of unifying a nation and bringing happiness and hope to so many people.

The Blue Jays unfortunately got eliminated from their World Series play-off spot this past Friday. But like so many, I couldn't be happier and more proud of our team. Since 1993, they managed to become the AL East Champs and acquired a banner in our stadium.

They made an extremely memorable comeback when securing their play-off spot, complete with Joey Bat's stylish bat toss.

They gave back the nation renewed hope, determination and happiness.

We can't thank or be more proud of them enough.

I can hardly wait until next season! Cheers to the boys of 2015!