Sights of Halloween

Happy Monday and November! Can you believe the month of October came and went already? It seems every year, time keeps flying quicker than normal. In a few days, I'll give the blog a slight "November" lift.


Hope you enjoy some of these sights from our Halloween weekend!:

In the five years we've had our cats, we never got around to dressing them up for Halloween. A quick trip to the dollar store and I found they had a small variety of pet costumes; bingo!

For Ringa, I found her a princess costume, but she seemed to have more fun playing with the drawstring:

Just look at that hat ;)

For an orange cat like Cartney, I found a pumpkin costume.

Just look how happy he looks!:

And for Lenny, a little devil costume seemed appropriate for the mischief he tends to be:

He seemed to get into character right away.

The fun part was trying to get a photo of them altogether. Given the looks on their faces, you'd think we were torturing them or something!

Surprisingly, Cartney and Lenny were pretty calm. Even though they didn't look too thrilled.

As the "princess", Ringa openly refused to be part of any of this.

After several attempts with some decent pictures to use, they fled the scene as quickly as possible.

This October ended up being such a busy one for Andrea and I, that we didn't really have a chance to think up our costumes. Andrea had brainstormed an idea to be a blue jay bird. She found a blue poncho from the dollar store and a blue and black feathery boa from a costume store.

But she decided that maybe it didn't work out and went with an alternative...

For weeks, I was planning on being a pumpkin (as sort of a little ode to my love of everything pumpkin). But a quick trip to Value Village and I couldn't resist this funny cookie monster costume for just $10!


While searching on Pinterest, I found some super easy and healthy Halloween appetizers I could make for the spooky day.

Ghost Bananas: just cut up some banana slices and use chocolate chips for the face.

Pumpkin Tangerines: peel the skin off a tangerine and stick a piece of celery on the top for the stem.

Spider Crackers: Make a cracker sandwich by filling in the center with some cream cheese (or whichever kind of flavour you want!). The legs are done with some pretzel sticks and raisins are used for the eyes.

I also made a run to Bulk Barn and picked up some sweet goodies. I still had some leftover candy pumpkin, and Halloween coloured Smarties and Reese's Pieces bites laid out.

And peanut M&Ms to go in the pumpkin candy dish.

We upped up the porch slightly too. Every year, we always place this eerie skeleton in our little rosebush.

Added orange lights around the scarecrow.

And a mini strobe light (just from a local Halloween store). We definitely wanted our trick-or-treaters to feel welcome!

Every year, our friend Miche always manages to surprise us with a creative costume, and showed up at our place dressed as Autumn.

Andrea ended up going as a creepy doll.

Somya returned as Cleopatra.

And Brian continued his line of foods and sported a kosher dill pickle.

Cartney may not have been a fan of his pumpkin costume, but he seemed to work these funny glasses and Cat in the Hat head gear quite well.

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween nights!