Woodland Decoration for November

Happy Friday!! It's November, raining and surprisingly very humid outside. I'll take it!


Even though we've had beautiful weather and gained an hour this week with the daylight savings ending, I've been feeling so sluggish and exhausted all week long. I've cuddled up in my sweats, brewed some peppermint tea and wrapped myself up in some comfy blankets after work.

To help freshen things up, I decided to put up some November-themed decoration. Last November, I mentioned briefly about how I wanted a little transition décor from after Halloween and before Christmas. November to me means more rain, temperatures dropping, frosted leaves and lots of pine cones and acorns scattered about. So I went with a little woodland theme for my bedroom.

I picked up these faux, cinnamon-scented pine cones from the dollar store along with this glass bowl.

I also added a little LED light in the middle. With shorter days now, it's nice to have a warm glow in the evenings.

I swapped out some of the bright orange and yellow flowers for these artificial brown burlap ones. I also found a faux twig with berries and kept the smaller bright flowers just to keep some colour in.

On my dresser, I kept a dollar store leaf on the mirror and stacked more pine cones and leaves into a tall glass cylinder.

It's a simple look, but I love it for this time of year. I'm thinking for Christmas, I'll replace this with some festive bulbs.

I created the same look for underneath the TV.

I also replaced the orange throw blanket for a chocolate brown one. It's amazing what you can find just at your local dollar store!

And on my closet - another leaf for a pop of colour.

I couldn't be happier that it's Friday and the weekend is upon us! I hope you all have a nice one!