Happy Friday the 13th!: November Weather, Music Sheets Scattered About, & Tacos for Dinner (Again)

Happy Friday the 13th! It's cold, windy and so grey out there today - but I'm so happy it's the weekend! I've had a short work week, and with an extra mug of coffee to get me through the day, I can hardly wait to get the weekend started.


You wouldn't know it based on the weather these past two days, but earlier this week we had beautiful weather for November.

I picked up the next Shopaholic book and spent some time outside on my lunch break.

Over the weekend, I got back into my somewhat rusty piano skills and had fun re-playing songs I hadn't played in a while. The downside? All my music sheets were a mess!

It's on my to-do list to somewhat properly organize them the next time I decide to jam out again.

Brian also made my favourite meal for dinner this week: tacos! First he tossed a fresh Greek salad.

Sliced up some peppers to be grilled.

Stirred up the beef.

And ta-da! We had both beef and chicken tacos.

Prior to posting this, Brian wanted me to state for the record that he definitely knows how to make more than just tacos for dinner. It just so happens that every time I'm over, that's what we end up having ;)


I hope everyone has a great weekend! What will you be up to?