111th Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Last weekend, a few friends and I headed downtown to catch the annual 111th Santa Claus Parade. The parade started back in 1905 and is a fun tradition still carried through today.

As a little girl, I went every year with my parents. When I got older and was a student, I used to catch the parade at my cousin's house or while studying at home for midterms. Now with school finished, it's back to heading out the fun! For the last two years, Brian and I went together. He unfortunately had to work this year but luckily, a few friends from school were there to join in on the fun.

It ended up being an unseasonably warm day, which drew for a large crowd. Just take a look at this!:

Walking a bit further down from the main subway line, and the standing room was much more spacious with an even better view of the floats.

This was a Pixar float to promote their newest upcoming flick, The Good Dinosaur.

The three little piggies and the big, bad wolf.

Marching bands belting out Christmas tunes.

And one of my personal favourites - the Toronto Blue Jays had their own float! Accompanied by the mascot and two of their players (Dalton Pompey and Liam Hendricks).

These acrobatic girls were amazing. When the parade came to a bit of a pause, they entertained us with back-flips, somersaults and synchronized splits. I can barely bend down and touch my toes these days, yet these girls made everything look so flawless!

Probably the most popular float among young kids: Frozen! As it trickled on by, there were a group of 3 to 4 year old girls just yelling, "Elsa!"

Dancing Christmas trees and poinsettias meant that St. Nick was very close by...

And in a flash, there he was!

I almost didn't make the parade this year, but I'm really glad in the end I did; I've never known a Christmas parade to be so warm and sunny.

When it was over, we all decided to grab a bite to eat and a drink at one of our favourite local pubs, the Madison (Looks more like a big house from this angle, huh?)

I went up ahead to take a "candid" photo of everyone, but they insisted on overdoing it a bit with the "we're-having-such-a-great-time" exaggerations.

Normally when I've gone to the Maddy, it's been jam-packed on a popular Friday or Saturday night. But on a Sunday afternoon, it was nice and relaxing. Even to this day, it's still one of my most enjoyable pubs.


I've been looking forward to this upcoming weekend for awhile now! Here's a clue as to what I'll be up to:

And maybe cuddling with this guy too:

Happy Weekend!!