Saturday Night Board Game with Friends

Have you ever heard of the board game Settlers of Catan?

Apparently it's pretty popular, and last weekend at our friend Ross' place, I had my first dosage of it.


Before hand, a few of us got together for a late dinner that Ross generously put together.

The grilled chicken was superb!

Then it was onto the game! I found it pretty interesting that the board-part was put together like a jigsaw puzzle. So every time you played, it was different with a different outcome.

Ross was so excited for this! Explaining to us how it worked, and it seemed a little similar to Monopoly except in farm land.

As "settlers," it's your job to collect all the best resources to build things like shelter, roads and eventually, cities.

You can trade and bargain the resource cards with other players to help get exactly what you need to win.

This picture cracks me up: Jason sitting on the couch said the game required "too much thinking" and sat out while Brian looks either really confused or deeply concentrated on his next move.

In the end, Ross was the champ! (and I was the loser)


I love going out on the weekends but this reminded me that sometimes the best nights are the ones where you take it easy indoors and relax with some friends, yummy food, and a fun board game.