Happy Friday: Movie Night, First Snowfall & the Lakeshore

Happy Friday, everyone! It's raining, but pretty mild outside for a late November afternoon and the weekend is only hours away. Can I get a woot-woot?! The last weekend of November for me usually means getting the Christmas décor ready to go for December and I'll also be changing up the blog header to get into the spirit. Hope everyone's had a nice week and is all ready and geared up for the weekend. Here's this week's Happy Friday!

Last weekend, my sister and I and a few of our girlfriends got together to watch the last Hunger Games movie. It's tradition that we watch all of the movies together each year, and any excuse to hang out with these ladies is an evening well spent.

The movie was a great conclusion to the series! Ending our ladies' night, and we made a quick run to McDonald's to splurge for some McNuggets. Not too bad, huh?

Waking up one morning and a light blanket of snow had taken over the backyard. It was our first official snowfall of the season!

It was light and by the afternoon, had melted all over.

But it's just the way the cats like it.

This past spring, my parents had taken us to scope out a little house they own down by the lake, and last weekend, my dad brought Brian and I back there to check it out. It's going up for sale in the spring time and they've had beautiful work done to it since.

We were so impressed!


Afterwards, we took a little drive down to the lakeshore. When we were here back in the spring, it was gorgeous weather and so warm. On this particular day though, the winds were strong and an obvious chill was in the air!

It's like a little serenity coming down here and I love it!

My work week has been so incredibly busy that when a student presented me with a little birthday cupcake, it momentarily took the edge off all the craziness that was going on around me. Plus, I thought the presentation was super cute!

How has your week been? Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? ~~

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!